The Dark Heart of the Night

The Dark Heart of the NightThe Dark Heart of the Night is an interracial story of friendship involving two young women who have been marginalized by the world in which they live. Addison Wallis is a young white Goth girl studying philosophy at the graduate level at a local college. Coming to believe that there are certain people who are not bound by the same ethics and morality which most everyone else lives by, she endeavors to live beyond these.

Eventually, she meets Sasha Wilson, a young black woman who is working as a high-end call girl in order to support her mother and little brother and sister in the hard-core inner city.

As Addison and Sasha get to know one another, there is an immediate attraction, almost a recognition which takes place between them. And as their evolving friendship grows stronger, the dark world which surround each of them begin to pull them in. There is the world of the inner city where Sasha lives among its hard edges, and there is Addison’s increasingly dark world view which she uses at times to protect Sasha, but which also threatens to trap each of them as each of the young women move toward becoming better parts of themselves as their love for each other increases.