How to Prepare Students for the Information Age and Global Marketplace

The book examines how the structure of schools might be changed so that students in their formative years are able to learn in a manner which facilitates their creativity in preparation for the highly complex world they are about to enter. In this regard, it focuses on such key issues as the process of actually learning how to learn; the sort of changing relationship between teacher and student which needs to occur if students are to learn more creatively; the development of a new set of skills, particularly that of students developing their own learning progressions in approaching various subject matters; and a greater connection between students and the world of professional expertise. The world is changing, and so too must the way our students are being educated.

“Much of the death of our national imagination can be traced to years of routine classroom procedures. Think of this book as a shovel to help dig us out of the grave for creativity our classrooms have become.”

– John Taylor Gatto, author of Weapons of Mass Instruction

“Lyn Lesch guides us through important perspectives and examples to remind us that if we are to cultivate innovative, enterprising citizens for the future, we must foster opportunities for them to be creative in their current educational contexts.”

– Greta Nagel, author of The Tao of Teaching